Who steals your happiness?

The three biggest burglars of happiness are Concerns, Comparisons and False Expectations. Many people believe that life owes them for what they deserve to have what they want or expect and when things do not go as they expect, their anger grows and their happiness disappears.
The worries are thoughts that occupy direct attention in thinking about all problems that cannot be solved at that time such as a plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico and that many times, you do not even have control over them, so, only spend the time that could be used in something productive. As a result, they feed the anguish, they take away the sleep and obvious, they do not solve anything.
Comparisons, in addition to stealing happiness, are excellent counselors to nurture envy and bitterness, since seeing others have what you want, even if you do not need it, certainly creates feelings of helplessness and frustration.
Being happy is a personal commitment that begins with the daily choice to thank the opportunity that life gives every day.
False expectations are an incredible accomplice who fosters tremendous pain. Living with the belief that one should be something different, having what it lacks, and waiting for what does not have to come … is possibly the most common origin for unhappiness to invade the soul and corrode personal joy.
Actually life owes nothing to anyone. Moreover, life gives much, more than everyone is really aware. The simple fact of being alive, of being able to breathe, of having the opportunity to be, is a privilege that many only those who are about to lose can value it.
Happy people have the ability to enjoy their life even when they have not achieved their goals and despite their material shortcomings. How do they do it? The character of these people is more flexible, they are open to seek new experiences and are willing to continue learning, everything and everything, they have the two basic attitudes that constantly nourish their happiness and improve their personal well-being.
There are many people who have everything and more, however they are not happy. The reason is that they focus just on the only detail they need. They focus on just the only thing they do not have. So they become unhappy beings, bitter and nothing satisfies them.
This is how it does not matter if you have or do not have anything, people find ways to steal their happiness and without wanting to, the world is full of empty, miserable and full of needs. Happiness is a quality that must be cared for and nurtured with determination, conscience and gratitude.