What is Multilingual Desktop Publishing and How do I Find the Best DTP Company?

Desktop publishing, also known as DTP, involves activities performed by experts who know the linguistic rules for translating language in desktop publishing. When translating text for desktop publication from one language to another, often a specific layout adjustment is needed to garner a document’s readiness for publication. The character amount in translated content can vary compared to its original form. However, this variation can differ based on the language, and this difference can be as much as 30 percent which is why the best multilingual certified document translation services specializing in DTP is required for flawless results. Because each language has its own hyphenation and punctuation rules, text must be properly extracted and translated by the letter of the law while being compliant with the target country and its requirements.

How is Desktop Publishing Done?

Desktop publishing document creations and translations are done using page layouts on a computer, primarily for print. The best multilingual desktop publishing agencies use desktop publishing software to generate layouts and produce typographic quality content and images that are comparable to traditional printing. The best technology allows DTP companies to publish a wide range of print type, while translating the text into any language.

Who Can Benefit from Multilingual Desktop Publishing?

There are a number of international and national organizations that use desktop publishing services and translation experts to produce materials necessary for business growth. For example, a chain of Chinese restaurants may find itself doing extremely well in areas with Chinese communities, but their only menus are in English. They know they need English to Chinese translation desktop publishing services to create sharp-looking menus for their Chinese customers. Another example could be an auto plant based in America with sub-plants in Mexico where various parts are put together by hand and then shipped to the States. Having manuals translated from English to Spanish through multilingual translation desktop publishing service providers would be ideal for improving their internal process and assisting their foreign employees.

Desktop publishing amalgamates WYSIWYG software in a page layout format to create publication documents, and certified translators with technical chops are required to lay out the right text. This is ideal for large or small scale publishing, and organizations love this option for its ability to offer more control over design, layout, and typography.

Finding the Best DTP Company

When it comes to finding the best DTP service provider, there are a number of things to be on the lookout for. Try to determine the desktop publishing company’s work ethic, professionalism, and status in their industry by seeing what their clients have to say about them. You should also find a DTP company that is flexible and available 24/7 offering rush services while working around the clock.

When vetting multilingual translation agencies that offer DTP services, see how responsive they are. The calling card of a top company is their quickness to answer questions. You will also want to check to ensure they offer a single point of contact–an account manager there to work with you as opposed to any number of random people.