Things you say when you Become a Mother

When we are close to our mother for a long time, we constantly think about the horrible rules and habits she has, which makes us think that we would never do that if we had a child. You have to go to the dentist: although some children are afraid to hear that you as a mother know what is best for them and their health, that’s why you take them with your most trusted Mexico dentist.

But unfortunately all new mothers fall into the same habits and rules that their mother imposed without realizing it. Here we show you the most common:

Shout. Listening to a mother screaming at her son is horrible, especially if he does it on the street. But it is something that is not born to us until we have a little one who does not stay quiet or does not listen to you. Most of the time we do it to relieve ourselves by stress.

Food. When we were young we were annoyed when our mother forbade us to eat certain sweets since it was too late or because they are not healthy. Now that you have a child you fell under the same rule that those foods do not contain enough vitamins or proteins to keep them healthy, no matter how much you protest.

Clothes. You never explained why some mothers went out into the street so disheveled, now that you’re one of them, you know perfectly well why they do it. They simply do not have time for them, so they do their best.

Phrases. We all have the most hated phrases that our mother said (or says) when we were little. “I told you so,” “Who do you think?”, “Wear a sweater that will rain” or “Do not run, you’ll fall”, but magically these words appear in our mouths when we talk to our son.

TV. As children, we were forbidden to watch television for so many hours because it is bad for the brain. With this we only thought that we would never do it because we know how entertaining it is. But when the time comes, it only causes us to unplug the device since it spends almost the entire afternoon in front of him.

Humiliations How many times did our mothers not humiliate in front of our friendships? Countless, right? For this reason an oath is made that he will never do it in front of his son. But since nothing is forever, we humiliate our son, unwittingly, in front of his friends again and again. Either with corny words or forcing him to wear some attire.