The poison of comparing oneself with others

One believes that other people have everything, or at least, give the appearance that they are doing better and that they are happier than us with their beautiful smiles made with dental implants with Pacific Implant Center. Whether they have a prettier house, more successful children, more affectionate husbands, thinner or better-trained bodies or more prestigious professions.

When you look at the neighbor’s window, it always seems that your life is better. More abundant and of course, they do not have so many problems, nor do they carry personal concerns. Before the eyes themselves, the others seem to have lived much more comfortable, more comfortable and quieter.

The reality is that you can never know what is happening in front of you. As better as others’ lives may seem, we have a limited vision and do not see what happens behind closed doors. When you live looking outside, comparing yourself with others, you end up filling your soul with discomfort. Since it only nourishes shortcomings and increases its gaps, so the envy and anger prevent one can assess what you have and can appreciate what the neighbor has.

Appearances deceive and confuse because what is perceived, besides being only a partial part, can also be a false interpretation of what happens, an entirely subjective appreciation, based on imaginary fantasies.

Many parents even ask themselves why my children do not have what their friends have if they are smarter or more industrious? … All these doubts are real questions, which are not based on the envy, nor on the desire that the others go wrong. On the contrary, they are sincere questions, without malice. The point is that these questions are based on superficial observations, which do not have the complete history, which cause that the attention is directed to the others, preventing to find the happiness and the treasure that we all have at home.