Live a full old age

To a large extent, the quality of life of the human being depends on the care that follows from his childhood. Therefore, to achieve a memorable old age, it is convenient to cultivate and develop good habits in food, hygiene and exercise as soon as possible.

Given that we are all born aging, we should take into account that a happy old age will depend on how well we take care of ourselves throughout life and the measures we take daily to keep our body healthy, have adequate self-esteem and cultivate mind and spirit. Something radical you can do for change your life is go to a beautiful place where you going to life in peace with your family like in a house for rent in Rosarito.

It is true that with the process of aging, physical changes are experienced, such as the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair or lack of vigor, as well as feelings of grief and grief due to emotional and loved ones losses.

However, it is also true that if a person lives longer is because their body is more resilient and their lifestyle has been more beneficial than that of other individuals, so instead of cursing the old age must be assimilated as a more achievement in which changes the perception of oneself and the way of relating to the environment.

It is not impossible, because it is something that has happened before passing from childhood to adolescence and from this to adulthood; thus, to face this challenge, we provide you with a series of simple tips.

Goodbye to tobacco and alcohol
Smoking and consuming alcohol increase the risk of suffering from chronic diseases, such as disorders of the circulatory system, greater probability of suffering heart attacks, alteration of the nervous system and, in severe cases, pulmonary emphysema (obstruction of the bronchi), cirrhosis (alteration where the tissues of the liver harden and limit their functioning) and even cancer.

In addition to this, the consumption of such stimulants favors other ailments such as heartburn, heartburn, fatigue, poor memory, mental confusion, stuttering, sleep disorders, changing mood, disinterest in daily activities and low immune system (which defends infections) and the ability to react to stress situations. For all these reasons the medical advice is clear: it is never too late to quit smoking or decide to drink in moderation.

Go to the doctor
Attending the geriatrician (specialist in charge of the medical problems of the elderly) periodically is a wise decision, because as in other stages of life, the advice of a health specialist is not a symptom of weakness , but a prudent, mature attitude and very positive self-esteem that faces the possible development of diseases.

In a medical review of a person over 65 years have to assess blood pressure, loss of muscle, hearing and visual, impairment of mental functions or thyroid problems. Oral health should also be reviewed frequently, and in the case of women, a mammogram should be done periodically to detect breast cancer early.

In addition to the above disorders, the possible development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes (which does not depend on insulin), cancer and disorders related to blood circulation should be monitored. In particular, every three years women have to undergo a cervical exam and men examine prostate and colon, in order to prevent the onset of cancer; Likewise, women should undergo thorough studies to avoid the development of osteoporosis.