How To Extend Your Life

The search for the elixir of eternal life goes back to time immemorial, but it is now when we feel closer to finding a solution that allows us to extend our existence. At the moment, everything seems to remain in a hope and there are not too many tangible facts that assure us that a great discovery is near.

Sleeping more than nine hours a day and sitting more than seven are two factors that have dire consequences for life expectancy

Until such a discovery sees the light, all is not lost. According to several studies, it is possible to live some more year by promoting certain aspects of our day to day life. Let’s see, then, what the experts say.

1. Wash your teeth daily

Oral health is, in many cases, the reflection of our state of health. Hence, keeping our teeth healthy and taken care of can help us live longer.

If you wash your teeth thoroughly every day and accompany the dental floss, you will eliminate the bacteria that form dental plaque that can lead to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis. In the medium and long term, this can trigger a low-grade inflammation that increases the risk of heart attacks and early strokes, before suffering the serious consequences you have to visit your dentist Mexico Dental Network for cosmetic dentistry.

2. Be curious about things

Asking yourself questions and discovering new things keeps you engaged with the world and with others. ” Curiosity keeps the brain active, as it happens in the case of the smallest. A more awakened mind is, in short, an open mind to life.

3. Escape sedentary lifestyle

sleeping more than nine hours a day and sitting more than seven hours are two factors that have dire consequences for life expectancy.

If you do not have much time to incorporate physical activity into your routine, you can discard the least important ones and make room for the most important

4. Run

the ‘running’ reduces between 25% and 40% the chances of suffering an untimely death and could extend life for more than three years.

5. Drink coffee
In comparison with tea, coffee is usually the preferred option at breakfast and after dinner for those people who do not usually have a healthy lifestyle. Despite this particularity, the truth is that the drink itself has many qualities, and among them is the possibility of extending the lifetime.