How to be more united with your children

Laugh with them

The best thing you can do as a father or mother is to be happy while taking care of your children; It is important that you assume an open attitude towards life, in which you are willing to let yourself be carried away by surprise and charm.

Be happy with them, laugh, enjoy your imprudence, your muddy, your dirt, your game. Think that not everything is so serious, that love is also joy and fun: not to be happy you will stop teaching or being an authority for your children.

And laugh at you, about your clumsiness as a father or mother, talk to them, enjoy their discoveries and let yourself be carried away by love and a good sense of humor. When you teach your children to laugh, not only are you happy, you are also giving them a very useful tool for all the moments of their life.

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Take care of your body with respect

Taking care of your child’s health while he is a child is in your hands and the good treatment you give your body will be the example for him, when he is an adult, to take care of himself.

Comply with medical appointments, follow the recommendations of the professionals and follow the vaccine program. Consult the dentist. When you bathe your child and clean it, do it with love and respect, do not tell him bad words, do not belittle him, do not compare him. Never embarrass him for being the way he is and never expose him in public to situations he does not want.

Wash your teeth gently. Teach him that he is the sole owner of his body and that no one else can or should touch him without his permission. Let him feel textures with his hands and his skin, smear himself with paint, play with the earth and in the sand. This allows him to discover the world and know himself; after playing, you have to bathe, but all tell it with love and without scolding it.

Feed them with love

Food is a bond of love is much more than the simple fact of filling a hunger void. Since you breastfeed your baby, you discover that the time to feed it is very important. While he drinks his milk, feel your skin and your care; In the same way, when it grows, the moment of feeding must be taken care of with affection for its good physical and emotional development.

Organize balanced menus, according to the age of your children and share with them the moments of the meal while they are within your schedule. Try to have breakfast in your company or have dinner, enjoy those moments and watch that they eat well.

If you create good eating habits since childhood, they will thank you all your life. Remember that these habits are not reduced to eating fruits and vegetables, they also involve teaching them that food is important, that it is a time to share with others and what should be done and spend the necessary time.

Set limits

Children need to feel safe and that security, in addition to the love of the father and mother, of their physical care with food and health, is given by the limits with which it moves in life.

Imagine that your children are standing in front of the sea and you tell them to throw themselves into the water: perhaps they feel very afraid because they only see the infinite and do not have a point of arrival; On the other hand, if you put them standing in front of a lake and tell them that their goal is on the other side, they will probably feel more confident about starting the feat.

Something similar happens with the basic rules of life: these give them security because they tell them under what parameters they can move. It is not about filling their lives with norms, but about setting the basic ones for coexistence such as respect, schedules and tasks, the expression of love and those that are fundamental for parents. The important thing is to be firm and enforce them.

Respects its development

Each child has its growth rhythm, framed in general parameters; It is good that you respect the process of your children and the age at which they are. Do not ask him to do what a 5-year-old would do at the age of two, do not push them to grow faster than they should, nor treat them like babies when they can do tasks on their own.

Let them go at your speed, discover life to your measure. Do not force them to learn to add and subtract when they are not ready or not a priority, do not worry because they speak several languages ??when what they need most is to play and do not ask them to walk when they are ready to crawl.

It is very important that children live all their stages, and in each of them learn something of themselves and others. This allows them to grow with physical and emotional balance. Do not compare them with others, do not worry about what other people’s children are doing and not yours, because each human being is unique and deserves to be loved for what it is.