Compare your inner being with the outside of other people

Both in real life and in social networks, it can be difficult to avoid comparing yourself with others during Christmas. If your family is less than perfect, or you have a past trauma at this time, comparing your experiences with others is the ideal recipe for sadness and isolation as these comparisons tend to be biased and make us feel very bad about ourselves.

The base of comparison of people has no basis in reality because most families do not have the perfect Christmas they wanted or the one they remember from their childhood. Here are some tips to enjoy this season:

Do not put aside your personal care.
For many people, December is the busiest time of the year. Work pressures pile up, and the calendars are filled with social commitments. The routines that generally keep us healthy and happy like yoga class, morning careers, home cooking, or meditation practice are the first things that are put aside, but in reality taking care of your health is essential to have a better mood, go for example with your dentist at Bartell Dental Tijuana for a cosmetic dental treatment that you need will make you feel more confident of yourself.

In addition to the extra stress, overeating and overeating can exacerbate problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Take care, do not eat or drink too much. Do your daily exercise routines and anything that helps you maintain the center during the year.

Avoid taking compulsively. Alcohol is everywhere during the holidays, and if you are struggling with depression, it may be good to avoid drinking as much as possible since it is known that alcohol increases the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Experiencing symptoms of affective disorder of the season.
If you tend to feel depressed when winter approaches each year, and those negative feelings do not go away when the season is over, you may be suffering from the affective disorder of the season.