Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?

It is necessary to go regularly to the dentist to ensure good oral health. It is not a purely aesthetic issue, but health, so it is important. However, some phobias such as dentophobia may cause us to postpone or even avoid going to the dentist out of fear, which does not make any sense because if you are a dentist you trust as Dental 6ta & E Clinic you would not be afraid, but it is normal because Most phobias have no real foundation. We tell you all about dentophobia or fear of the dentist in our dictionary of phobias.

What is dentophobia?
Dentophobia is the fear of the dentist. It is true that the fear of the dentist has a very logical part because in most of the times we suffer pain, and the discomfort that anything that is made in our mouths is inevitable. In addition, getting to the consultation with certain oral problems can also cause us to suffer from low self-esteem.

So far the logical and rational part of the fear of the dentist that we have all experienced at some time. But do you avoid going to the dentist even though you know that your mouth is asking for a revision? Do you postpone the appointment with the dentist again and again knowing that it is causing you more problems? Then maybe you suffer from dentofobia.

Symptoms of dentophobia
Fear is the main symptom of any phobia. A fear that is unleashing a series of physical reactions such as uncontrolled nerves, dizziness, excessive sweating, heart palpitations, panic attacks or panic attacks. All this at the prospect of going to the dentist. And with this scenario, it is normal to try to avoid the situation or the so-called stimulus of the phobia that in this case is going to the dentist.

But the behavior of avoidance can in turn cause other psychic symptoms, with a lowering of self-esteem as the main problem. We all know the importance of having a healthy mouth when interacting with others, so not treating dentophobia can end in social isolation.

Causes of dentophobia
As we say, fear of the dentist is one of those phobias in which the origin of fear can be understood. Who has not experienced an unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful episode in a dental clinic? If that moment was lived with a great emotional load, it is sufficient reason to consider it a traumatic experience and that the phobia develops.

But in addition to the traumatic experience in dentophobia come into play other fears that arise from previous problems of anxiety, the fear of not having a healthy mouth and the other fear of relating to others with the mouth in poor condition. Because the mouth, we remember, is what we use to eat, to smile, to kiss, to talk …

Treatment of dentophobia
We always advise psychological therapy to overcome any phobia and in the case of dentophobia as well. The psychologist will surely opt for cognitive behavioral therapy to eradicate that distorted thought that creates irrational fear. Once the thought has been eliminated, the avoidance behavior can be modified.

But we insist that it should be done with a professional psychologist. We all know, and people who suffer from dentophobia also know that, despite the fear that may occur is necessary to go to the dentist. Avoidance comes from a psychic disorder and that we can not overcome by ourselves.

In the treatment of dentophobia can also intervene the dentists themselves, with empathy and offering guarantees to stop the activity if the anxiety tightens, administering anxiolytic promptly or reassuring the patient. In the most serious cases of dentophobia, the patient can be sedated when he goes to the dentist, but all of this must undoubtedly be accompanied by psychotherapy.